Bodyleading Bootcamp

with Martin, Simone and Julie

What is bodyleading, and how can we use it to make our dancing smoother, more creative, and more fun?

When leaders find their movements in their own body first, inviting the followers to move along with them, dance becomes more harmonious: Leading through our own body, using our own momentum and movements to indicate a movement for the follower, we need less force. Moves become more organic, and following them becomes easier because they already work in the leaders‘ bodies.

The starting point for this is recognizing that every body is different. For leaders, this means that in order to become good at leading, we need to understand our own bodies and those of our partners first and foremost. On the flip side, followers need to find security in their own movements: This requires developing the skills and awareness needed to take care of our own bodies, while also having the courage to slow down and tune into the leaders. Following is more than just reacting to a lead; it’s a response that draws from our own, unique ways of moving.

In this three-hour bootcamp, we will do a deep dive into how to co-create a flow that starts in our own bodies first.

Sunday, 25.02., 1-4 pm

Freie Waldorf Schule Bonn
Stettiner Str. 21

Tickets: €30,00

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