Sunday, September 24, 2023
Special Edition: Prática XL
13:00 – 15:00 Workshops
15:00 – 19:00 Prática

(July 20-23, 2023: SoulZouk Festival)

Sunday, June 11, 2023
13:00 – 14:00 Workshop
14:00 – 18:00 Prática

Sunday, April 16, 2023
13:00 – 14:00 Workshop
14:00 – 18:00 Prática

Sunday, March 19, 2023
Special Birthday Edition
14:00 – 18:00 Prática

Sunday, February 12, 2023
13:00 – 14:00 Workshop
14:00 – 18:00 Prática

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday, October 30, 2022
13:00 – 14:00 Workshop
14:00 – 17:00

Sunday, August 28, 2022
Special Edition with China SoulZouk
13:00 – 17:00

What is a Prática?

We liberally took a page out of Tango’s playbook here: Tango Prácticas (or Prática, in Portuguese) are a very common format used to practice, experiment, and dance. They are neither a formal dance class nor a party, but something right in between: A guided dance practice with lots of dancing and the support of a teacher. 

In general, there won’t be a specific move taught during a prática. Instead, they are a space to work on specific topics, receive personalized support, individual suggestions and feedback, and ask questions. We are happy to provide additional input wherever needed. Just ask & talk to us: We are happy to help, because that is exactly what we’re here for!

Práticas are open to dancers of every level. We all started at some point, and there is always something to work on. Even if you’re still new to Zouk, this can be a great place to practice, dance and address whatever issues you might currently be having in a relaxed, safe environment and with the help of a teacher.

You can come by yourself, bring your dance partner or a few friends. You can arrive late, leave early, or just do whatever suits your individual needs – this is a space to experiment and work on the things you really need. No registration needed.

So the most important thing: Ask lots of questions, don’t be shy and just have some fun!

Pay what you can

Prática: 3-7€
Prática + WS: 7-12€


Freie Waldorfschule Bonn
Stettiner Str. 21
53119 Bonn

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