Neozouk Training + Teacher Course with Ruanita Santos

We are proud to present the second intensive Neozouk Training + Teacher Course with Ruanita Santos in cooperation with Zoukernatural Bonn

This intensive training + teacher course is geared towards experienced Zouk dancers and instructors who would like to start teaching Neozouk. At the same time, it is suitable for dancers with at least 1-2 years of solid Zouk experience who want to dive into Neozouk to level up their dancing skills.

Led by the renowned Zouk teacher & Neozouk trailblazer Ruanita Santos, the course will open up a new world using Neozouk in your dance. It will provide impulses and equip you with extensive knowledge and skills for your Zouk dancing.

The training will be five days, Monday, Aug 05 to Friday, Aug 9.

While it requires solid Zouk foundations (1-2 years of regular classes), no prior experience with Neozouk is needed: We will be building it from the ground up to intermediate level Neozouk skills, with 8 hours of classes per day. The course includes both theory and practical exercises to build a solid understanding of Neozouk.

For prospective teachers, the course also includes the option to take an exam (Saturday, August 10) to become a Level 1 Neozouk Teacher, which will allow you to teach Neozouk Basics. If you are already a Level 1 Neozouk teacher and are looking to level up, get in touch with us for more details.

Ruanita Santos
Dirk Honing

Price: 430€ (includes examination)

Freie Waldorfschule
Stettiner Str 21
53119 Bonn

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