SoulZouk Festival 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Edition of the BONN SOULZOUK FESTIVAL

Join us for an immersive weekend to experience the SoulZouk magic, dance all day & learn from teachers from all over the world

✨ 22+ hours of workshops for all levels

✨ DANCING ALL DAY with day socials all Saturday and Sunday

✨ Three party nights

✨ Biggest lineup of international SoulZouk teachers in one place

✨ International DJs

✨ Your unique spot for a deep dive into SoulZouk technique & three days of SZ magic

Boost connection and creativity, increase sensitivity, and learn how to make your dancing smoother, softer and more precise.

Developed by Claudio Dias (China) in Rio de Janeiro in the late 90s, SoulZouk has been influencing Brazilian Zouk for more than two decades. Elements of SoulZouk, such as micro body isolations and the use of body leading, can be found everywhere in modern Zouk today. With a strong focus on sensitivity, precision, refinement of touch, clear communication and body mechanics, the SoulZouk way of leading & following is soft and comfortable, to make dancing even more enjoyable.


🇧🇷🇪🇺 Lineup:

➡ China / Claudio SoulZouk (BRA)
➡ Chris Williams (UK)
➡ Connie Yndal Pedersen (DK)
➡ Holger Weber (GER)
➡ Kris Łęczek (PL)
➡ Martin Konrad (GER)
➡ Michel Mens (NL)
➡ Mikael Pettersson (SE)
➡ Patrícia Géa (BRA)
➡ Rebekah Maher (UK)
➡ Sandrine Sunzouk (FR)
➡ Simone Becker (GER)

🎧 DJs:

DJ JuliuZ (NL)
DJ Ecco (GER)
DJ Marcello (BRA)
Mama Melody (GER)
DJ Nymf (NL)
DJ Phonon (GER)
DJ Laura (HK)


🕖 Preliminary Schedule

19:00 | Registration
20:00-22:00 | Workshops
22:00-03:00 | PARTY

12:30-19:15 | Workshops (2 Areas)
12:30-19:15 | Day Social
22:00-03:00 | PARTY

12:30-18:00 | Workshops (2 Areas)
12:30-18:00 | Day Social
20:00-02:00 | PARTY


⭐ Prices

Full Pass

Super Early Bird
until the end of January: €110,00

Early Bird
Feb 1 – March 15: €120,00

Tier 1
March 16 – May 31: 135,00€

Tier 2
After June 1: 155,00€

– 10 workshops to select from
– All day daytime dancing
– excl. night party

– 8 workshops to select from
– All day daytime dancing
– excl. night party

A very limited number of tickets for the Friday and Sunday night parties will be available at the door until capacity. Make sure to check Facebook and the Whatsapp event group ( for updates before you head to the venue!





✅ Registration

To register, click here:


📍 Locations

⭐ Workshops & day socials in a beautiful location with great outdoor spaces and an expansive inner courtyard to relax, socialize, picnic, and soak up some July sun between classes. Easily accessible from Bonn Central Station.

Piv. Freie Waldorf Schule Bonn
Stettiner Str. 21, 53119 Bonn
12 minutes in metro 16 from Central Station, direction Bonn-Tannenbusch

Lunch is available right at the venue.

⭐ Parties easily accessible in Bonn’s city center and in comfortable walking distance to Bonn Central Station & a large range of accommodations for every budget – that way, you can collapse right into bed after the last dance!


💛 Come join us for a weekend full of connection, technique & smiles!

Simone, Holger & Martin