Holger is a Zouk teacher and DJ also known as DJ Phonon. A life-long martial arts practitioner, he came across couple dance through Capoeira. From there, he developed a passion for Tango Argentino and finally, in 2012, Zouk. 

Trained and certified in a wide range of Zouk styles, Holger draws from an unusually broad knowledge of contemporary Zouk: Among other things, he completed the first Zouk International Teachers Course at Dance Alegria in Rotterdam, participated in the Spiral Dancers MZouk Intensive Week three times, went through the Extra Program for Teachers at the Zouk Austria Congress twice, and got certified as a Soulzouk instructor in 2019. Holding a Black Belt in Xiang Wang Kung Fu and with more than 25 years of experience in other martial arts styles including Capoeira, Baguazhang, Tai Chi quan, Judo, Systema, Aikido, and Qi Gong, Holger is an expert in human physiology and body mechanics. He uses this knowledge to make even complex movements accessible to his students and help them carry out well-known moves in more effective and enjoyable ways. 

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