A dancer since the age of ten, Simone spent nearly two decades as a semi-professional Contemporary dancer who also trained extensively in Modern, Jazz, Ballet and R’n’B in Germany and the U.S. She has been dancing couple dances since 2008, including Salsa and Bachata, Tango Argentino and Brazilian Zouk.

Simone has been teaching dance since 2014. Today, she is a Modern, Contemporary and Zouk teacher who teaches in Germany and internationally. 

For her, the key to enjoying dance lies in mastering the foundations: From body alignment to footwork or a more deliberate use of muscles, her classes emphasize quality of movement, body awareness, and finding ease in even the most challenging of moves. As a teacher, her goal is to help her students develop solid technical skills with authentic expression, connection and flow.

Beyond teaching Zouk, Simone also specializes in foundational dance technique classes, ballet for Zouk dancers, and building the technical skills needed to sustain any kind of movement.

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