Martin has been a dancer since his teens. He got certified as a Salsa teacher in 2015 and started teaching Zouk around the same time. Drawn in by the dazzling diversity and endless opportunities that Zouk offers, Martin’s dance philosophy centers around a fundamental idea: Dance is the perfect way to express ourselves and an opportunity to connect. As a certified SoulZouk teacher since 2019, his classes focus on building an empathic connection and prioritizing feeling over memorizing patterns. 

Martin is a specialist in leading techniques that emphasize precision and a smooth, comfortable experience for the follower, while letting both partners actively contribute to the dance. He integrates techniques from Contact Improvisation to maximize opportunities for intuitive, creative dance, being fully present with the partner, and sharing responsibility in dance. Martin believes in creating the space for dancers to express themselves and discover their own dance: That’s why his teaching focuses on exploring ways to maximize creativity, playfulness and experimenting with new dynamics of leading and following.

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