About us

Zoukernatural was founded in 2016.

We are a team of dance teachers from Bonn. Each of us had been teaching Zouk and other dances for close to a decade when we joint forces in 2018. With additional specializations in body mechanics, classical and contemporary dance, martial arts, and contact improv, our approach to teaching is centered around empowering dancers to make dance their own. 

Zouk is variety, exploration, dozens of different styles, and endless possibilities of movement. Our goal is to give you access to the beautiful variety that is modern Brazilian Zouk in all its facets, while also helping you tap into your unique repertoire of natural movement and expression. Rather than just memorizing patterns, we want you to really understand the principles and movements of Zouk to make them work for YOU.

In our classes, we focus on building strong foundations, improving body control, and teaching ways to maximize connection, creativity, and flow.

 Our goal? To make dancing more creative, safer, more enjoyable – and most of all, more fun.