Our Philosophy


We want to emphasize the strength of Zouk: its incredible versatility. To use the endless possibilities of Zouk, our goal is to step outside of fixed sequences. Instead, we emphasize technique and understanding of movements, while training our body and mind to be able to tap into our natural repertoire of movement and expression.

Zouk Styles

We believe that learning from a variety of teachers and getting to know different approaches to dance is key to becoming a great dancer. There’s a world of knowledge out there!

In Zouk especially, we are lucky to have a huge range of styles that make it the wonderful, multi-faceted and constantly evolving dance that it is. One of our goals is to make sure that the lesser-known styles of Zouk also get the attention they deserve. So keep an eye out for our „Zouk Styles“ series. Here, you’ll find both: the big names as well as smaller niches are also very much worth a closer look!

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